ReeformE40 thermoforming machine is a recently developed model within the Reepack range, achieved after several years of experience in this field. ReeformE40 machines frame and sheeting are fully stainless steel, for easy sanitation in wash down environments. An easy open frame allows for ease of access for operators or engineers, for visual inspection. ReeformE40 innovative design incorporated all operating system are tidy into the machine frame and adequately protected from any damage.

A user-friendly control panel introduce the operators with an easy setting and recording of different programs. Freely programmable movements result in a maximum flexibility with respect to different formats and products. Additional equipment is available with different features to allow the machines to achieve any demand of packaging.

Product Features:

  • Cut-off length: 200 mm – 240 mm – 270 mm – 300 mm
  • Bottom film: 320 mm – 360 mm – 420 mm
  • Product Loading area: 1000mm 1200mm 1080mm 1200mm
  • Free position:5 5 4 4
  • Thermoforming depth: Max. 120 mm (Parameters may vary according to the film typology and vacuum pumps in use and supplied with the machine.)
  • Air pressure: 6 – 10 bar (600-1200 Nl / min.)
  • Water consumption: 60 – 90 L / h – 1,5 – 2,5 bar (18 – 22°C)
  • Enclosure rating: IP 65