Ree-Eco 150 high performance, lower power consumption, compact overall dimensions, make this automatic tray sealer the most innovative and reliable machine in the latest Reepack’ development range. Standard in-feed conveyor with 3 loading positions, easy tool change over, an automatic belt conveyor for tray discharge, user friendly control panel, such features amount to a machine build for efficiency and ease of operation. Combine with the 60 m³/h vacuum pump delivering high performance and addition high vacuum setting. Ree-Eco 150 does not need additional air pressure, thus achieving energy efficiencies and in general maintenance. Through close partnership with supply-chain partners, Reepack offers an innovative solution, leverage on its extensive array of technologies. Purchase of a Reepack model equals a good return of the investment.

Product Features:

  • Machine main movements: Electromechanical
  • Microprocessor Control: PLC-Reepack
  • Control panel: Digital Control
  • Compressed Air: 0 Nl / c.
  • Overall Construction: Stainless-Steel
  • Electrical power: Min. 4 Kw Max 8 Kw
  • Machine cycles: 6 – 8 cycles / min (Cycle speed depending on material quality of tray and film web, tray size, product to pack and general machine configuration)
  • Photocell for printed film (Optional)
  • Liquid filter and powder (Optional)
  • Automatic out-feed conveyor (Standard)
  • EQUIPMENTS  -Tray de-nester (Optional)
  • VOLTAGE AND LINKS – Different electrical supply (Optional)
  • Control and link to external equipment (Optional)