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BT 1000 DL Conveyor Belt Vacuum Machine is designed for a high industrial production facility.  The BT 1000DL is constructed with an automatic conveyor belt, which assists with the transfer of bagged, produces from the vacuum chamber.

Configuration of sealing bars in accordance with product size. The machine allows the packaging in vacuum and sealing of envelopes of different quality and thickness. Dip tanks designed for shrink wrapping of produce and drying tunnels are available for the additional production process configuration.

Vacuum packaging machines have been designed to meet the best preservation inside flexible pouches made in shrinkable or multilayer material and aluminium. It is possible to pack under vacuum: sausages, ham, bacon, poultry, fish, cheese, pasta and other speciality Foods.

Product Features:

  • Controlled by micro PLC with 15′ storable programs.
  • Digital control of the vacuum and the sealing temperature.
  • Bi-active sealing which can withstand autoclave sterilisation.
  • DL Model is provided with two sealing groups, placed on the lone sides, independently usable.
  • A pre-sealing phase is to remove flats or fluids from the sealing area.
  • When using special thick or heavy duty pouches, it is possible to have additional pressure on the sealing bar with the aid of compressed air.
  • Pneumatic movement of the chamber with a safety hydraulic brake.
  • Pneumatic moving guides at the in-feed.
  • In-feed conveyor belt with electronically adjustable speed.
  • Free air consumption 30l. Per cycle; working pressure 6 BAR.
  • The suggested external vacuum pumps grant a max vacuum of 99,9%; possibility to achieve an output of 3 cycles per two minutes according to the working options and pumps dimensions.
  • Higher output may be reached with the use of an additional ROOTS vacuum pump of 1000m3/ h.


  • Ribbed Conveyor Belt
  • Pneumatic scrap cutter
  • Scrap cutter with serrated blade
  • Waste collection system
  • Bags holding device inside Chamber
  • Expanding pillow inside chamber