The Nock Cortex C460/C560 is an open top derinding machine (stand model) to derind large, round products for example ham or shoulder. The Nock Cortex C460/C560 has a cutting speed: 19 m/min.  NEW: Trapeze-shaped casing for maximum stability when transporting the machine over uneven surfaces

Safety notice: According to EN 12355 flat pieces may only be derinded with an automatic conveyor belt machine

Product Features:

  • Blade gap infinitely adjustable
  • Spring suspended blade holder for perfect derinding results
  • Tooth roller with scraper comb
  • Ergonomic favourable foot switch bar, adjustable in height
  • NOCK POWER PLATES® for outstanding robustness, durability and service friendliness of the NOCK derinding machines
  • Lockable castors
  • Stainless steel construction