LAKIDIS Mixer Grinder Type MG 100

A completely stainless steel machine capable to mince and mix meat separately or at the same time.
it is an ideal solution for small butcher shops because of limited floor space, low feeding height and great productivity.
Fresh and frozen meat ( up to – 5C) can be easily processed due to its strong motor and heavy duty mixing arm.
Both feeding worm and mixing arm are completely stainless steel.
The auto reverse movement provides optimal product mixing while cutting.
When the machine is in mixing mode it automatically forwards and reverses its mixing paddle every 20 seconds and the feeder rotates anticlockwise for 2 secs every 20 secs. This provides a truly homogeneous mix. All the above repeats UNTIL we press STOP!

When the machine is in mincing mode the FEEDER CAN NOT rotate anticlockwise only turns clockwise ON THE SAME TIME with the Mixing Arm.
This is repeated as long as we do not press STOP.
No automatic forward and reverse of the mixing paddle in this mode.
A specially designed lid allows a clear view of the product and the ability to control the mixing without stopping the machine.
Through the safety slots on top of the cover, the user can feed additives while the machine operates.
Its mixing arm is removable for easy cleaning.
The side and back covers of the machine make maintenance much easier.

The control is very simple to use and the entire machine is built according to all CE safety and health regulations.