The hopper swivels for easy emptying and is designed to stop at variable positions while the mixing paddle continues operating, allowing the proper mixing of smaller paste volumes. The machine is connectes with an electronic control board of mechanical or automatic operation. In the automatic operation there is a programme option that allows the resting of the mixture according to the choice of the operator and it can also be used as a tumbler. The machine comes equipped with a stainless steel column loader for the lifting of a 200 litres standard trolley.

More Info : Corrosion resistant control board. Marked switches for all separate operations

Technical Characteristics 

  • Hopper Capacity 400 litres (maximum)
  • Mixing Paddle Motor Hp 10Hp
  • Swivel Motor Hp 1Hp
  • Column Loader Motor Hp 1Hp
  • Length 190cm
  • Width 75cm
  • Total Width (with column Loader) 120cm
  • Height 160cm
  • Column Loader Height 250cm