Innovations include the latest generation of tilt-able tumblers. The new direct drive (installed as standard at all versions) abandons any kind of power gear ratio as it is now wear- and maintenance-free in addition to being directly connected to the container. With a broader range of adjustable rotational speeds, allowing intensifying the massa­ging effect if intended, thus decreases the proces­sing time. These benefits both improved efficiency and profit.

The hydraulic tilting system has been completely redesigned to inc­rease the container´s capacity up to 20%, compared to its predecessor, thus improving productivity and load factor. Furthermore, the increased tilting-radius (-15° to +35°) simplifies the unloading and cleaning process, allowing the machine to be completely unloaded quickly and efficiently. The straight fins allow gentle massaging and optimal hygiene as they prevent from any difficult access areas inside the container.

The MAGNUM II Tumblers Range are also available in “Cool” version which features a double jacketed cooling system, the ideal solution for optimal proces­sing temperature and the highest end product quality – completely independent from environment and room temperature. The cooled version coupled with the optional “DEFRO” aggregate serves as a perfect defrosting sys­tem for frozen meat blocks or pieces.


Product Features:

  • Drum rotates via direct drive which reduces maintenance.
  • Unloading by tilting and right handed rotation of the container.
  • Adjustable rotational speeds, intensify the massaging effect, improved both efficiency and profitability.
  • 5 Straight Fins, screwed fin optional.
  • ISC-E-40 touch screen computer control with Ethernet interface stores up to 99 product programs.
  • Loading options include vacuum suction, integrated lift or mobile lift.