MAGNUM Easy tumblers range are equipped with a new drive system whereby the motor and gear drive is connected directly to the container, designed to reduce maintenance and related expenses. Additional engineering improvements include a wide range of rotational speeds and an infinite number of variable revolutions.

When it comes to loading, there are a number of options available including, a mobile lift, vacuum suction or portable conveyor belts. If using the traditional unloading method, product may be unloaded into a 200 kg buggy by turning the container clockwise.

MAGNUM Easy massaging systems are suitable for bone-in or boneless meat products. During production, the product is moved throughout the container in a wave-like motion, gently passing over our uniquely curved designed fins. Depending on your application, additional optional fins are available to intensify the massaging effect and reduce the processing time.


Product Features:

  • Drum rotates via direct drive which reduces maintenance.
  • Horizontal vacuum massaging system.
  • Discharging with right-handed rotation the baffle is turning product and liquid out of the machine.
  • Adjustable rotational speeds, intensify the massaging effect, improved both efficiency and profitability.
  • Singular Curved Fins.
  • Available with cooling system for version “Cool”.
  • ISC-B-20 touch screen computer control.
  • Loading options include loading lift, conveyor belt or vacuum suction optional.