The GUSTO-3/55 is a unique massaging system comprised of three side-by-side tumblers. There is no other comparable massaging system on the market. Whether you design and formulate spice mixtures and seasoning blends for fish, meat and poultry or perform research and development in a meat plant, the GUSTO- 3/55 is ideal for small batches of product.

Unlike other small tumblers, the GUSTO-3/55 system is equipped with all the features of larger, industrial machines, such as jacketed cooling, vacuum, variable rotation speed and direction. Controlled via a ISC-B5 touch screen computer, which allows operators to individually manage the operating environments for each of the three containers. Thus, operators can easily modify and program all parameters. An optional production data collection program is also available. Equipped by these high-value features producers can achieve increased levels of quality and consistency, improving raw to finished goods time to market.

Product Features:

  • Three drums of approx. 55l volume.
  • Each drum with individually adjustable temperature, rotation speed, vacuum and processing time
  • Cooling jacket and internal cooling aggregate.
  • Laboratory and trade massaging system with vacuum.
  • Loading with loading chute.
  • 2 Straight Fins.
  • ISC-B5 touch screen computer control.