The GUSTO-2/250 is the ideal massaging system companies with smaller production output of the most stringent quality standards. Ideal for the production facility that requires several different batch outputs within the one production unit. With two independent drums, efficiencies are obtained by operators simultaneously process two batches of product.

Gusto-2/250, deliver comparable results to the larger industrial sized massaging unit, retaining premium features such as cooling, vacuum and variable rotation speed, maintenance-free direct drive and ISC-B5 touch screen computer control. Investment outlay is reduced as a result of, only one computer and one cooling system needed to run two tumblers independently.

Due to the double jacketed cooling system and integrated cooling aggregate, the GUSTO-2/250 can be located anywhere in your facility, illuminating the requirement to place in a refrigerated environment.

Product Features:

  • Tow drums of approx. 250l volume.
  • Each drum with individually adjustable temperature, rotation speed, vacuum and processing time
  • Cooling jacket and internal cooling aggregate.
  • Laboratory and trade massaging system with vacuum.
  • Loading with loading chute.
  • 3 Straight Fins.
  • ISC-B5 touch screen computer control.