Inject Star pickle injectors and industrial injectors are developed and built in a very high vertical integration at the production site in Hagenbrunn near Vienna. The extremely high quality level of manufacturing, the solid construction as well as the Inject Star quality assurance system guarantee the incomparable high reliability of Inject Star machines.

IS-300/60 Series is a pickle injector with crank drive (needle return point freely selectable).  It incorporates the “New Twist System” with synthetic conveyor belt. The IS-300/60 is made for injection of red meat and poultry. Capacity up to 2.800 kg/h for red meat and 1.000 pc/h for poultry, with an injection rate up to 50 %.

Product Features:

  • Bone-in and boneless meat
  • Manual or touch control
  • Synthetic Conveyor belt 300mm
  • Linear or crank drive
  • Top and bottom reversal point of stroke programmable (at linear drive)
  • Brine filter system optional
  • Poultry version set with stripper stop and guiding rails to assure a controlled product transport
  • Number of strokes per minute – 1 speed
  • Speed of conveyor mm per stroke 30 or 60 mm per stroke
  • 15 pc 2fold 4 mm needles – red meat
  • 15 pc 2fold 3 mm needles – poultry