The Henkelman Falcon 2-60 double chamber machine is a model that allows loading and unloading of one chamber while the other chamber is being processed, achieving very high outputs using one operator. It gives all the advantages of a double chamber machine but with a small foot-print. A super machine for those who want to pack large volumes of products.

The Falcon 2-60 is constructed in the lower part from stainless steel, and the chambers and hood from aluminum with a wear-resistant epoxy coating. Twin sealing wires are used with either format.  The machine hood has a viewing window and the machine is mounted on wheels, two of which are swivel brake execution.

This model allows for two seal bar configurations which are mounted on the hood; the first option is front and back 450mm seal bars, with a distance of 580mm between them. The second option 680mm width sealing bars left and right, with a distance between the bars of 325mm. All products are supplied with complete service program.

Extensive program choices for specific packaging requirements; including double seal, cut-off seal and wide seal are optional. The machine is mounted on wheels, two of which are swivel brake execution. The Henkelman Falcon 2-60 is available in both single phase 240V, and three phase 415V.The Busch 063M3/hr vacuum pump is inbuilt in the lower part, with easy access for servicing.  Each chamber has a set of infill boards for varying product heights, and the maximum product height is 235mm.  

Food sector, Retail Trade – Restaurants – Catering – Supermarkets (meat, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetables etc.)

Due to the double sealing bar technology, cross contamination and bacteria’s multiplication is greatly reduced; hence an extended shelf life, resulting in cost savings.

Non-food products Electronics – Semi-conductors – Metal – Pharmaceutical Products -Textiles – Laboratories etc. Non-food products

The versatility of vacuum packing and its application are not limited to the food sector. Industrial sector where moisture, air and dust free packaging are a requirement, make vacuum packing the ideal solution. Applications include; Volume reducing packaging; Scrapes and scratches free solution; Fraud resistant packaging; Sterile and contamination free packaging; Antistatic packaging (ESD).

Product Features:

  •  Single and double chamber vacuum packaging machines
  •  Complete range for vacuum and MAP packaging solutions
  •  Extensive program choices for specific packaging requirements
  •  Stainless steel housing
  •  Aluminium vacuum chamber
  •  Aluminium lid with sight-glass
  •  Easily removable silicon holders
  • Sealing mechanism mounted in lid
  •  Insert plates for adjusting vacuum chamber height
  • Industrial machines for an attractive price
  • User friendly and low maintenance supplied with complete service program
  • Long term advantages: efficiency and optimal operational profit due to professional packaging
  •  Fully HACCP compatible with optional labelling device

Seal Bar Configuration :

  • Seal bars length: 2×450 mm (front/back)
  • Option seal bars : 2×680 mm (left/right)