FL14D low res


The FL14D water bath is a 14 litre water bath / sous vide machine ideally suited for chefs wanting to cook in a precise temperature controlled environment, to produce consistently perfect results. Ideal for sous vide and other low temp cooking, these baths are an indispensable piece of equipment for all leading chefs worldwide.

Product Features:

  • Digital LED temperature display –accurate to 0.1′C.
  • Integrated timer control is variable from 1 minute up to 99 hours
  • Audio/ visual alarm is triggered at end of cycle time.
  • Water bath continues to cook at the set temperature after this alarm has triggered
  • Current time and cooking temps are stored even after power off.
  • Temperatures in the water bath are easily set with the use of the push button and wipe clean control panel.
  • Visual alert –If water level falls below the recommended minimum level, displaying ‘FILL’.
  • Side lifting handles make it easy and safe to carry the bath around the kitchen.
  • Drain tap to allow for quick emptying for
  • Removable stainless steel perforated shelf, allows effective uniformed distribution of heat.
  • In common with all Clifton baths, the product is powered from a standard 13 amp wall socket.

Allow 90mm at rear of unit for mains cable/ventilation

Allow 130mm at side of unit for tap & hose