The Ascoli AF75 meat cooker has a capacity of 10 hams and is constructed in the UK from high quality stainless steel. The added benefit of using cheap electricity (overnight for instance) through a time-clock facility means that Ascoli Flavasava meat cooker pays for itself very quickly, putting you, the user, in a position to make the most of your cooked meats as well as increasing your profits. Using cooking bags in the water cooker to maximize on the use of your Flavasava meat cooker by cooking a variety of meats at the same time and flash roasting can give you that succulent finish without the weight loss associated with traditional roasting methods.

Increasing turnover and maximising profit whilst maintaining a top quality meat product has always been the aim of every Butcher, Grocer, Caterer or Delicatessen. If you are currently boiling your meat products, for every 3 joints you cook you could be losing the equivalent of 1 joint through shrinkage. Cooking at low temperatures for longer periods of time ensures a minimum shrinkage and a maximum quality product that has been cooked evenly throughout

Product Features:

  • Capable of holding up to 10 hams at one time.
  • AF75 meat cooker has a capacity of 121 litres.
  • Manufactured in the UK.